max - derby, ks high school senior

This session is one that I'll fondly remember for awhile! Such a great time walking all around the Great Plains Nature Center with Max and his mom. I had previously done a couple sessions here, but I had yet to come across this epic tunnel of trees I had seen in some photos while researching. Knowing that Max was a big fan of nature and had been here several times, I had high hopes that if I showed him this tunnel, that he'd know how to get us to it. Sure enough, he was able to be our hiking guide that evening and successfully got us there! Now, whether or not I'll ever be able to correctly wind my way back to it again in the future is another story, but if nothing else - I at least got to grab some awesome pictures just this once, and for that, I am thankful. ;)

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Max, and thank you for helping us navigate the trails!